Good age for a child to begin music lessons

Each child is an individual case. Hearing music in a child’s home environment where a parent sings and moves with the child at a young age is the best precursor for getting that child started in music.

Children before the age of five enjoy whirling, marching and other fast movements to music. Stories to music are an excellent form of fun. Singing songs with them helps them to match pitch later on. I do not believe in pushing children at this stage. The Orffclasses and the Kodály classes are wonderful for them. The most important thing is for them to have a positive association with music. At this point I would give a child formal lessons if they have been asking for a year and the parent understands it is a time commitment for them too. A four year old needs to be guided and encouraged to practice and needs a constant cheering squad!

By five most children can keep a steady beat with the music. They are more able to understand how to care for an instrument and to follow instructions. Their digit dexterity is more developed. I usually say that 5-6 are great ages to start if the parent is involved.