Practicing Plan

Here are some suggestions when you feel frustrated or bored or uninspired for practicing. Practicing is doing something we don’t yet know what to do. Be kind to yourself. Work hard on the difficult things but the take a break and play something you know or listen for a bit to something. Here is a plan.

  1. Set a timer for the length of practice you will do. It should be the length of your lesson. 

  2. Make a plan of what is most important to practice that day. 

  3. Warm ups (Vibrato, Legato) / Scales 

  4. Technique – Etudes, Shifting 

  5. Learn a new piece – Get acquainted, spots (say note names, fingerings), play pizzicato, slowly arco. Listen to yourself. Do you like what you hear? Work on tone production, & bowings. 

  6. Memorize a piece 

  7. Play a piece you already know – What can you play for someone that you know really well? 

*Extra Learning Opportunity – Listen to a recording of a piece for your instrument, something new or a piece you are working on. YouTube and iTunes are good references. Not all performances are great but all can be learned from. (Perhaps start a listening journal.)