Music Lessons and Coaching

Welcome to the Abalone Moon Music Studio at the historic Ralph Earl house in Paxton, MA.​ ​My professional background involves extensive classroom teaching as well as private lessons and performances.

​I offer music lessons to people of all ages and skill levels throughout Paxton and surrounding areas:

  • Violin: all levels

  • Viola: all levels

  • Piano: through intermediate

I teach 4 days a week with flexibility to work with the families to schedule lessons and make them as consistent as possible.

To schedule a time or ask a question, please Contact Me at

What STRENGTHS can music lessons develop for your child?

Successes in life that are individualized and add to self-esteem.
Technical proficiency at varied skills.
Resolve, determination, discipline to complete long range goals.
Expression, enrichment, and moments of ecstasy!
Notation literacy which helps spatial reasoning, math, and other skills.
Group dynamic understandings to use life-long.
Trust in oneself is developed because of building block accomplishments.
Helping others by providing uplifting moments day to day.
Social and multicultural experiences which grow meaningful relationships.

Abalonemoon Music Studio

The Abalonemoon Music studio is a wonderful environment to teach, learn and perform in. My teaching materials are within reach and it houses a beautiful seven foot grand piano.

Learn more about my approach to teaching music:

These Student Guides are for my students (and parents):